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10 Enola Gaye EG25 Wire pull Smoke Grenade

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This is ghe latest generation wire-pull cold-burning smoke grenade by Enola Gaye.

It is one of the most advanced smoke grenades ever made that is developed around a military grade ignition system, this new friction ignition smoke grenade is simple yet effective and produces a high volume of smoke for approximately 30 seconds.

Since this smoke grenade is "cold-burning", you can safely hold this grenade with your hand while it is ignited.This listing is for a box of 10 which includes 5 colours, inside your box you will receive 

  • x2 GREEN
  • x2 BLUE 
  • x2 ORANGE 
  • x2 YELLOW 
  • x2 PURPLE 

The EG25 is commonly used for:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Events
  • Weddings
  • Gender revel

item specifications:

  • Box of 10
  • Duration: 30 Seconds
  • Cloud Size: 1.5
  • CE Certified
  • Simple Pull Ring Ignition (Wire Pull®)
  • Non-toxic Smoke, fully biodegradable body

We will not accept any liability or be held responsibile for any damages or injuries.
•Handle with extra care, do not subject this item to grinding, shock or direction.
•Do not throw this smoke grenade at people or animals

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