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BMW M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M140i Carbon Fibre F1 Style Carbon Fibre & Alcantara Steering Wheel

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BMW M2/3/4/5/6  Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel 

Here at CarbonizedUK we are now producing carbon fibre steering wheels. This particular listing if for a BMW M Performance steering wheel including the race pack LED shift lights and telemetry screen.


• F1 Led racing lights 

• Alcantara sides 

• BMW signature stitching

• Top & bottom half carbon fibre (2x2 3k twill weave) 

• Alcantara air bag 

• Extended carbon fibre paddles 

• Blue +  & - shift indicators 

• Red M mode buttons 

The LED Race Pack

This clever module connects to the on board diagnostics (OBD) via a separate bluetooth connection bringing to life extra information to inform the driver. The Race Pack includes the following features:


- Engine temperatures

- Battery voltage

- Vehicle speed

- Engine load/Turbo pressure

- Fuel remaining

- Lap timer

(these readouts can be altered to suit as well as brightness, shifter lights coming on at different points etc)

Some models of vehicles may have slightly different features depending on version of car, year of production etc.

If you have ever wanted to bring the feel of Motorsport even closer to your road car, this is the closest thing you will get.

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